No university admission, no problem – study at Graduate Institute of South Africa and pursue a successful career


After finishing matric many students seek to go to university and further their studies. But universities have strict grades and conditions you need to meet in order for your application to be successful. What happens if you don’t meet the entry requirements?

Not getting university admission shouldn’t hinder you from achieving your dreams. There is an ever-growing list of alternatives for learners who don’t want to go to university, who can’t afford it, or who don’t qualify.

You can get an accredited qualification at a further education and training (FET) institution like Graduate Institute of South Africa (GISA) and pursue a successful career. Here’s why GISA might be the ideal option for you:



  • Firstly, opposed to the theoretical foundation a university degree provides, we offer a practical approach to gaining the skills required to enter the job market. – In two years’ time you will have your diploma, along with the hands-on training and practical skills required to enter the job market immediately, qualified and skilled to take up a well-paying position among thousands of companies desperate for workers with practical skills and experience.


  • Secondly, we offer more personal attention in smaller classes presented by our lecturers with real-life experience, as well as site visits and tours that build the practical skills and experience that improves your chances of being employed immediately after completing your studies.


  • Furthermore, choosing an internationally-recognised diploma course will give you access to global job opportunities, allowing you to work anywhere in the world.


  • For people who are juggling jobs and their education, we have become flexible with our programs. We offer online classes, so our students are able to advance their careers while balancing personal obligations


  • When studying from home we still give you full support and guidance – our team is just an email or phone call away, should you need any help with your studies.


  • Graduate Institute of South Africa also offers matric rewrites and upgrades. You can receive your matric certificate and your qualification, all at one institution. 


  • If a degree was what you really want, you can upgrade your diploma at a later stage, as some universities will give you credits towards a degree based on existing qualifications. In fact, the right diploma can bring your dream of obtaining a degree much closer, faster and more cost-effectively. 

“Not being admitted to university could well be a blessing in disguise for intelligent, ambitious young people who are willing to transform this perceived setback into an opportunity that will shortcut their career success while opening new possibilities.” – SP

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