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Climb the Corporate Ladder with Affordable Highly Accredited National Diploma Courses


Have you decided what you want to do with your life? With 2017 almost done and dusted, this means that if you’re a high-school student, the pressure is on. Unfortunately, in a time when the job market is slow, it has been proven that South Africa’s labour market absorption rate depends largely on a person’s level of education. High-school students will not find work with just a grade a 12 certificate, and even a degree from a university doesn’t guarantee work either.


The good news is that if you’re in your last year of school, or even someone looking for a new and rewarding career change that doesn’t require a university degree, then you could benefit from one of the national diploma courses that we offer at The Graduate Institute of South Africa.


What is The Graduate Institute of South Africa


We are a highly accredited organisation that offers quality education accredited by the CISCO, Networking Academy, Microsoft Networking Academy, CIW Academy, C++ Institute, CWNP, CIMA Global, and QCTO. Our aim is to assist learners and graduates in their career development. Focussing on work-readiness and recruitment, we have satellite campuses set up around the country, and are able to provide a variety of skills programmes and learnership programmes based on the following National Diplomas, short courses, and workshops:


  • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology – this faculty focusses on National Diplomas in Business Finance and Accountancy, Information and Communication Technology, and Travel and Tourism.


  • GISA Programmes – these programmes focus on certificates, diplomas, and skills programmes such as Certified Internet Webmaster, Certified Wireless Network Professional, CISCO Networking, Information Technology, and Business Software Management.


Today, life and business are highly competitive, and if you want to achieve and succeed, then the first step is to enrol in one of our National Diploma courses or our Gisa Programmes. At The Graduate Institute of South Africa, we offer both full-time and part-time National Diploma courses to make your life easier. Also, we understand the current economy, which is why you will find all our National Diploma courses, short courses, and workshops competitively priced, and we even offer easy payment options.


Applications for 2018 are now open, so take the time to view our 2018 online catalogue and contact us right away. A consultant will get back to you and assist with any questions you may have.

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