CIMA Certification

Boost Your Career or Business with a CIMA Certification


Are you looking to expand your skills and brush up on the accounting side of things or are you a small startup looking for some help with the books? Recent findings by World Wide Worx show that there are an estimated 650 000 small businesses in South Africa, employing around 7,8 million people. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses don’t last very long. Why? While there are many reasons for the failure of an SME, but the real culprits are lack of planning and funds, reckless spending, and inexperienced employees.


Failure of a business is no joke, and if you want to make your businesses a success, then you need to be armed with accredited financial and accounting knowledge, such as accounting procedures and systems, business plans and strategies, budgeting, cash flow management, forecasting, capital investments, and KPIs. Sadly, it is a struggle to afford an experienced full-time accountant, or even a part-time accountant, which is why small business owners have an opportunity to educate themselves or send a loyal, hardworking employee on a course to get CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certified.


What is a CIMA Qualification?


Operating as a “Masters Degree” of qualifying examinations, CIMA has shown the biggest growth, worldwide over the past few years. This certification is active in promoting local accounting education, training, and management development, as well as the promotion of new accounting practices and techniques. Not only are 23% of UK accountants CIMA members, but a CIMA certification will teach you strategic business and management skills, how to analyse information and numbers, and use it to make tactical business decisions that create wealth and shareholder value, but you will also learn about identifying and managing risk and applying accounting techniques to plan and budget. Possibly, one of the greatest advantages of a CIMA certification is that you can work across any organisation, and not just in finance or as a finance director.


Begin 2018 with a bit of studying to further your business with the Graduate Institute of South Africa. We are proud to be accredited by the CISCO, Networking Academy, Microsoft Networking Academy, CIW Academy, C++ Institute, CWNP, CIMA Global, and QCTO, and our aim is to assist learners and graduates in their career development.


With satellite campuses set up around the country, we make it easy for anyone to get the best accreditations. Registrations are now open for our CIMA Certification



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