A University Degree Vs a CIMA Certification


Do you want to become a Certified Investment Management Analyst, without having to spend years and years of bankrupting your folks, or even yourself? Many take a degree for granted, in hopes that they will slide into any job of their choice. Unfortunately, as university graduates are fast learning, their expectations are way off.


The Future of South African Universities


Did you know that in 2016 there were over 600 000 university graduates all throughout South Africa that could not get jobs? Given all the turmoil universities have gone through recently with the “Fees Must Fall” protests, and having witnessed unprecedented student revolts over the past two years, the future of South Africa’s educational system is looking bleak.


Thousands of Graduates are Begging for Work


Currently, we have hundreds of thousands of university graduates that are jobless. In fact, they are so desperate for jobs, that graduates are often seen standing at intersections begging for any type of work – even cleaning houses.


This is what university education has come to, and maybe it’s time to give your parents a reality check on South Africa’s educational sector. Not only do the university students struggle to eat, but they must still take out a 3-year student loan, as well as purchase their astronomically priced textbooks.


The truth hurts, but the reality is that no one can just walk into a job interview and flash a piece of fancy paper that says you have a degree from a university – it just doesn’t work like that anymore. The world of education has changed, not only is it about “who can do the job best”, but it’s also about a culture fit. Is the candidate resilient to change, is the candidate a team player, and can the candidate take orders from their superiors?


Today, recruitment is a whole new ball game, and at The Graduate Institute of South Africa, we’ve hit the ball right out of the park with our professional highly accredited online CIMA certification courses. Let’s get you excited about how a highly accredited CIMA certification can change your life in such a short time, and at such a reasonable amount of money. First and foremost, a CIMA diploma shows that you are capable of studying at a university level. In fact, Diplomas of Higher Education are equivalent to the first two years of a full-time degree. So, there you have it. Now, let’s look at our CIMA certification.


What is a CIMA Qualification?


A CIMA certification gives you all the necessary strategic business and financial management skills required to make it in the field of accounting or even start your very own business. What’s so special about CIMA certification is that it’s not a restricted education. Anyone who has a passion for accountancy, numbers, and strategies, as well as a mind for business, can decide to be a financial consultant and even help other businesses turn their profits around. To put it simply, a CIMA certification is an extremely valuable qualification.


Did you know that with a highly accredited CIMA certification, you will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) title, as well as become a member of a global organisation powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies – AICPA and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – and you will also become a part of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Here’s what a highly accredited CIMA certification will teach you:


  • Develop shareholder confidence and trust by increasing business resilience.
  • Build a shared understanding of levers for value creation.
  • Identify and better manage risks.
  • Capitalise on new opportunities.
  • Learn new accounting practices and techniques.
  • Preserve business value.
  • You can work across any organisation, and not just in finance or as a finance director.


Further Your Education


It makes no difference whether you’ve just finished school or you’re in your late 40s, you are never too young or too old to add value to your CV. Proud to be accredited by CISCO, Networking Academy, Microsoft Networking Academy, CIW Academy, C++ Institute, CWNP, CIMA Global, and QCTO, we are an education provider with a goal to assist learners and graduates in their career development. Chat with us today.





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