Kick-Start Your Networking Career with a CCNA Programme at The Graduate Institute of South Africa


With 2018 just around the corner, have you decided what you’d like to do with your life? If you’re worried about future job security, you should be. With the latest South African employment statistics reflecting that more than half of young South Africans are unemployed, it pains us to say that we’ve hit a 13-year high with over 39% unemployed South Africans.


Whether it’s due to geographic location, or lack of access and tertiary education, the unemployment of youth in South Africa is one of the highest in the world. While the government continues to make promises about opportunities for the young, we at The Graduate Institute of South Africa have a great solution to your employment dilemma – a career as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).


The Future in Information Technology is Bright


As each generation passes, we are exposed to new and incredible technologies that change our lives. While some make our lives easier and exponentially more efficient, some also take away our jobs. In fact, around 50% of all jobs are at risk of being automated and replaced by robots in the near future, which puts a lot of pressure on today’s already jobless youth. This is why you need to study something that will guarantee a lucrative career, or at least a stepping stone to other greater career opportunities. And if there is one industry that has only just started scratching the surface, it is information technology.


According to Cisco, by 2020, it is predicted that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet. The world has greatly increased its dependence on technology. Sadly, in the age of corporate data attacks and digital espionage, it is estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of businesses will require Cisco Network Associates. The demand right now for CCNA professionals has never been greater, which is why we recommend you do a CCNA programme at The Graduate Institute of South Africa.


With the aim to assist the youth of today in their career development, The Graduate Institute of South Africa is an educational organisation that is accredited by the CISCO Networking Academy (CCNA), Microsoft Networking Academy, CIW Academy, C++ Institute, CWNP, CIMA Global, and QCTO. At The Graduate Institute of South Africa, we work with educators, employers, and technology experts to create CCNA programmes that prepare students to become confident Cisco Certified Network Associates.


With satellite campuses set up around South Africa, you can become a Cisco Certified Network Associate wherever you are. Apply now for our online Cisco Certified Network Associate Course, and chat with us about our easy-payment student loans.

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