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Have you just finished high school and are still undecided about what you’d like to do with your life? Are you being pressured to pursue a university degree in something you have absolutely no interest in, or are you worried that you can’t afford it? There is no need to stress, because you’re not alone. Today, not everyone wants to go to university to pursue a career as a lawyer, engineer, psychologist, or a doctor, neither do they have the time or money it takes to get a degree. Fortunately, education has changed over the past decade, and these days, there is no certainty that a university degree is the best path to professional success.


Degrees Do Not Guarantee Jobs


Many graduates assume that just because they have a degree from a university such as UCT, Stellenbosch, Pretoria, or Rhodes, that they’ll be able to pirouette into any job of their choice and get hired on the spot. Unfortunately, a degree does not guarantee you a job, and proof of this can be found when ex-Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana, confirmed in 2016 that 600 000 university graduates are jobless. Yes, you read it right – university graduates are standing at intersections begging for work.


Currently, it cannot be denied that universities are seeing a decline, while online training courses are thriving. University graduates can no longer count on or rely on earning a lot more than their peers without degrees because the job market is flooded with graduates. If you’re someone who has just matriculated and are looking to get into the lucrative arena of finance and business, then why not start with a business administration course at The Graduate Institute of South Africa and work your way up. At The Graduate Institute of South Africa, we offer a wide range of accredited business administration diplomas and certificates, such as the following:


  • Option #1 – 18-month Office Administration Certificate (NQF L5 – SAQA ID 23618, total cumulative credits: 120).You can become a junior office administrator, receptionist, office assistant, public relations officer, or a marketing administrator.


  • Option #2 – 9-month Office Administration Diploma (NQF L6 – SAQA ID 35958, total cumulative credits: 360). With this diploma, you can become an office manager, a public relations manager, or an administrative manager.


  • Option #3 – 9-month Higher Certificate Office Administration (NQF L5 – SAQA ID 23619, total cumulative credits: 240). With this higher certificate, you can become a general office manager, human resources administrator, labour relations administrator, secretary, or a senior office administrator.


Today, jobs are very hard to come by, and one really needs to work hard to achieve career success. It’s not all about which educational institution you studied at. Today, it’s all about how you fit into the business culture. Are you a team player, do you have what it takes to handle change, and can you take orders from your superiors?


With satellite campuses set up throughout South Africa, you can enrol in one of our many business administration courses at The Graduate Institute of South Africa. Make a change and start your career while you’re fresh out of school by applying for one of our Business Administration courses. Do not forget to chat with us about our easy and affordable student loans.




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